Certificate of Deposit
Universal Life
Principal free from risk or market/price fluctuations




Interest earnings free from current taxation




Interest earnings reinvested automatically with no current income taxation




Able to make small additional investments




Avoid the expense and delay of probate




Guaranteed lifetime income with tax advantages




Provides additional money in case of death




Total Number of Yes





Take a look at the effects of taxes on your savings

 Savings = $100,000    Tax Rate = 28%

 Years of Compounding
Net after tax result of a taxable CD @ 5%
Net after tax result of a tax deferred annuity @ 5% 

 0 Years



10 Years 



20 Years 



30 Years 



The difference in year 30 is $50,250!


Ready to talk about a charting your path?

A Sons of Norway Financial Benefits Counselor can help you get started. Get your free Financial Reviewand get started toward a more secure tomorrow.


James J Donovan

Financial Benefit Counslor


Business:      (760) 440 - 9905
Cell:   (760) 276 - 5529
Fax:   (760) 898 - 6994
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About Me

I have always wished to help people and being in the insurance industry, since 1993, it is a true vocation.jim

When 9/11 occurred, there were clients of mine whose death claims I handled with a sense of humility; a sense of the power of how families, though devastated by the loss 

of their loved ones, could financially survive because of proper planning via life insurance.

I have been blessed with a beautiful wife and friend, Jan, who helps me in my insurance business. We have been married 38 years with two boys and four grandchildren.

The reason I am here is to help you!


Professional Designations and Achievements: 

Fraternal Insurance Counselor (FIC)

Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)

I have been involved with NAFIC since entering the insurance industry, becoming president of New Jersey FIC in 2005. Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) eligible three times, I have yearly averaged more than $10 million in insurance volume sold for 19 years. I am currently enrolled in the American College to become a Certified Life Underwriter.


Volunteerism and Philanthropic Interests: 

My wife and I through our church have worked to feed the homeless in inner cities in New Jersey and Nevada. When 9/11 occurred, I organized a Rhythm & Roots Music Festival which raised funds to purchase land to build a Memorial Park for the residents of my hometown that died in the Twin Towers.

I continue to fund raise and volunteer my time for special needs children. My wife and I also were foster parents for a decade and adopted a child.


It's Important for People to Know:

The most important thing I wish my clients to know about me is that I am an advisor you can trust. I am an advocate for you and your family—not for the insurance company or for me! I will use my knowledge and skill to protect your family’s financial future!



Sons of Norway provides Long Term Care Insurance* protection to cover the cost of nursing homes, assisted living, and home care. In other words, it helps protect your lifestyle and gives you more opportunities to meet your goals in the event long-term care becomes a reality for you or your family.


Who is it for?

Do you want to make your own decisions about long-term care, including how you receive it, who provides it and how you'll live during that time of needing care? If so, you should look at the benefits and options of long term care insurance from Sons of Norway.


Getting started with long term care insurance

  • Choose your coverage in daily benefit amounts of $40 to $300.
  • Determine an elimination period (time before benefits start) of 0 days to 30, 90 days.
  • Select a time period for benefits payable: 3 years, 5 years to lifetime.
  • A premium discount is available for Sons of Norway members.
  • Thinking about joint coverage? A premium discount of up to 50% is available for any two people who live in the same household.

Optional Benefits:

  • Home care services
  • Respite care
  • Adult day care
  • Hospice care

Available Features:

  • Compound Benefit Increase Rider: 5%
  • Simple Benefit Increase Rider: 5%
  • Waiver of Premium Benefit Rider


Is long term care insurance right for you?

A Sons of Norway Financial Benefits Counselor can help you answer that question. Get your freeFinancial Review and get started toward a more secure tomorrow. 

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